Mehtar Mahal

This is not a palace, but an ornamental gateway leading to a mosque and garden. According to one account, the name means the "Sweeper's Palace". When Ibrahim Adil Shah I was stricken with leprosy, an astrologer told him that if he gave a large sum of money to the first person he saw on waking next morning, the money would be spent in works of charity, and that the king would recover. Actually, the astrologer meant himself to be the first man. Unfortunately, the king rose a bit earlier than usual since he had a restless night, and the first person he saw was a sweeper. Following the advice of the sooth sayer, the king gave the sweeper a treasury order for a large sum. He was forced to take the gift, and being unable to spend it, resolved to fulfill the wiseman's prophecy and built a mosque which would eclipse all the buildings in Bijapur. The style of the ornamentation and the carvings seem to point to the time of Ibrahim Roza when the decorative art of Bijapur was at its best. This period also agrees with a second account which assigns the building to a certain Mehtar Gada, who is stated to have been a minister of Ibrahim II. But there are no concerned records regarding this Mehtar Gada. A third account also current in the town is that the gateway and mosque were erected by a Mehtar (head) among the Fakirs and Muslims mendicants. It has very delicate brackets, designed like swans.

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