About 35 meters away from the north of Phatka Gate, stands the Serzi Buruj or Lion Tower named after two heraldic lions carved in stone to the right of the entrance which leads to the tower platform. The bastion though not very high is of great diameter and is very strong. In the center are two raised circular platforms for cannon, on one of which lies supported on beams of wood the great gun of Bijapur, (next only to Landa Kasab) the Malik-I-Maidan (monarch of the plain). It is estimated to weigh about 55 tons and was cast at Ahmadnagar in 1549 by a Turkish officer in the service of Burhan Nizam Shah I. This colossal piece of ordnance differs from the other Bijapur guns in that it is cast and not welded.

Its composition is unknown, but when stuck, it sounds like a bell and is probably of the same alloy that is used in making gongs. Outside it is of a dark green color, the surface polished like glass, while it is adorned with inscriptions in Persian and Arabic beautifully cut in relief on the upper surface in three separate panels. The great muzzle is fashioned into the shape of the head of a lion or dragon through which the 'Monarch' belched forth destruction. It is said to, have been taken to the great battle of 1565. The gun was brought Bijapur in A.D.1532 as a trophy of war and was set upon its present bastion. It was several times proposed to be transferred to England as a curiosity, but the difficulty of carrying it to the sea coast was considered too great. This great old gun was nearly meeting a sad fate in 1854 when it was put to auction and actually sold for its metal for Rs.150 by a local subordinate magistrate. The sale was, however, cancelled and the Malik remains one of the most interesting and historical objects of Bijapur.

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