Jamia Masjid

About 350 meters to the citadel stands the great Jami Masjid where the Friday sermon was delivered. It is the major mosque constructed in the orthodox plan of enclosed court. Ali Adil Shah I on his return from his victorious expedition against Vijayanagara, his coffers overflowing with spoils of war, first turned his attention to the erection of a suitable memorial. Though he and all the later kings paid much attention to it, it was never finished and the minarets which should crown the end of each wing remained unbuilt. As it now stands, the mosque is a rectangle about 110 meters from east to west and 75 meters from north to south. The main or eastern gateway enters on a large quadrangle, the three sides of which are the mosque, and in center is a large fountain and a reservoir in the open yard. Including the great open yard, embraced between its two wings, it occupies the greatest area of any building in Vijayapura - about 91,000 square feet. If the 56 feet long wings are added, the area of the square totals up to 1,16,300 square feet. The columns in the main building divide the floor into 45 equal squares. A series of black borders divides the polished cement floor into spaces, each large enough for one worshipper and gives it the appearance of a chequered or tessellated pavement.

The main building has 2,286 such spaces. The most beautiful feature of the building is the dome. Though less than half the diameter of the Gol Gumbaz dome, it makes up for want of size by its extreme elegance. Before the great central mihrab hangs a heavy curtain, and when this is drawn aside, a sight of gorgeous colouring is revealed. The whole front end recess are covered with rich gilding upon a coloured ground. There are representations of tombs, and minarets, censers and chains niches containing books, vases with flowers, and the whole is interspersed with bands and medallions bearing decorative inscriptions. Among the latter are “Place no trust in life; it is but grief”; “There is no rest in this transitory world”; “The world is very pleasing to the senses”; “Life is the best of all gifts; but it is not lasting”. The mosque is still used by the Muslims of the city and the call to prayer may be heard today as in the time of Adil Shahi Kings.

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