Ibrahim Rouza

About 600 yards to the west of the city stands a beautiful and picturesque group of two buildings, a tomb and mosque standing on a common platform, supported by arches and enclosed by gardens on three sides and with an enclosure, 400 feet square. The mausoleum is that of Ibrahim Adil Shah II and the mosque attached and the space in between them has a large fountain. This group of buildings are the magnum opus of the Adil Shahs. It has a lofty entrance tower in the middle of the north side ornamented with four graceful minarets.

The tomb which is by far the most ornate building in Bijapur forms a square 116 feet and consists of an inner chamber about 54 feet square surrounded by a double row of arches forming two open colonnades. It is surmounted by a dome resting on a second square rising out of a very quaint shape and are encrusted with carvings in a beautiful variety of designs. Enclosed by this inner colonnade is the square chamber forming the tomb. The exterior walls of the sepulcher are most elaborately decorated with profuse calligraphic designs and geometric patterns and also paintings. Opposite the tomb is the mosque. Its front is perhaps a more pleasing composition than the front of the tomb, the five arches being simpler and grander. At each corner of the mosque is a tall graceful minaret and between each of the corner of the mosque is a tall graceful minaret and between each of the corner minarets are six smaller ones richly decorated in plaster work. The carving of the cornice and brackets of the mosque is equal if not superior to the carving on the tomb, while the front is further ornamented by hanging stone chains, each carved out of one stone ending in thin, carved and elliptical stones. The conception, design and profusion of the richest decorative detail mark this building as the culminating point of the Deccani style of skilled and delicate architecture. The expenses of this building must have been very great.

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