Bara Kaman

Almost in the centre of the city, and to the north-west of the citadel, about 100 yards from the outer moat, is a large square building. Also known as 'Bara Kaman'(12 arches), it is roofless with unfinished arches in dark basalt. This is the tomb of Ali Adil Shah II (1656-72). Probably begun on his accession to the throne in 1656 and intended to rival Gol Gumbaz, the tomb of his father, Muhammad Adil Shah. The building was conceived on a magnificent scale but was destined never to be completed. The platform is 20 feet high. This great elevated basement, on which the arches of this unfinished structure stand, is 215 feet square, while that of the Gol Gumbaz is 158 feet square.

In the centre, on a raised platform, are the tomb stones of Ali Adil Shah II and some of his family members, the graves being in the crypt below, which is entered by a door on the east side. The whole structure with the lofty basement, had been completed, would have been the most graceful monument in Bijapur. Though exposed for nearly 300 years to the rigours of climate, the arches of this roofless monument are well preserved, a fact which speakes much of the exellent material used. The building is one of the most striking ruins in the city. The building is well maintained with a beautiful garden around the monument. It is called BARA KAMAN by the people.

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